Thursday, August 27, 2009, we locked him in a closet with spiders.

Thanks for all the advice yesterday, we ended up having Nicholas write lines and a note to his teacher apologizing for not doing what he was told and letting her know that he will do better in the future.

We opted not to spank on this one because Nicholas is getting to the point where he tells us it didn't hurt, even if I know it did, and then I'm left trying to hurt him when I spank him and that isn't right. So, I wanted to make sure he took this very seriously and writing lines is so boring that makes it pretty much awful for him and it helps with his writing so it's a win, win for me.

His behavior has been pretty bad lately but I know we'll get it under control again. I have a super nanny book that I got a long time ago (like before Sophia was around) and I might bust that out again and read through it. He is definitely in need of some tough love right now and no one does tough love like super nanny. I might need to get some glasses and develop a British accent though for the full effect.

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