Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm not dead and stuff.

It's been awhile, sorry about that.

My trip back to Oklahoma was disastrous, there were problems from the get go and it only got worse as we made our way north. On a good note: my boss let me leave early so that really helped me out because the trip would have been 10 times worse if it had happened an hour later.

Getting out of Houston was rough, there was traffic and accidents and then the rain, the rain really sucked. It rained, no, it poured on and off the whole way up. I guess God wanted to give me a heart attack for 9 hours straight since my ridiculously expensive mattress was on the back of an open trailer. Luckily I was smart enough to invest in TWO mattress bags from U-Haul, just in case the first one wasn't good enough (FYI: it wasn't good enough, thank God I did two).

The stupid Rubbermaid bins I put my stuff in were crap, the lids wouldn't stay on so we had to wrap them shut with this saran wrap stuff. Even though we tied the whole load down with ratchet straps shit still came loose and when I got home I found an inch of water in the bottom of the bin that had my shoes. My Stewart Weizman boots were sitting in an inch of water and that made me cry.

The drawer came loose on one of the dressers and we lost a pair of little girls underwear but we realized it right away and that was the only casualty from that. I know this much, I am not moving again! I mean, when we move duty stations again I am totally going to make the Army move us (even though they broke a ton of our shit last time) because I do not want to go through that ever again.

Anyway, we ended up getting in around 1am and then we had to unload the trailer. We finally got to bed around 3am but not before realizing that for some reason the battery was dead on my mom's Tahoe. While Luis was at work the next morning I got to unpack boxes and change the battery on my mom's car. Luis came home for lunch and then I got to register Nicholas for school (the only thing that went smoothly by the way) and then head home again to unpack some more.

By the end of the day everything was unpacked, the neighbors kids had already caught wind of us being back and then kids were happily playing at the park while I cooked a delicious dinner with my hubby. Despite being dead-ass tired I was ecstatic to be home and falling right back into our routines.

So, everything worked out, I'm home, the kids are doing great, my husband is doing great, I'm doing great and for once I'm glad to be in Oklahoma....but I'm sure I'll hate it again next week.


Kelly said...

Moving sucks!!!! I'm glad you're doing great... hope it continues!

Anonymous said...

Where in OK? I lived there for a couple of years and even met my husband there. I lived in Norman & therabouts and loved the college town atmosphere. I'd move back but not anytime soon. I'm a Texan, born & raised. And you know how gay we Texans are about being from Texas.

I am Trish Marie said...

Stupid ass rain! Glad you made it home okay. Hope you guys are getting settled in!

When does school start for the kiddos? The grisl started school today....ahhhh peace and quiet!