Monday, August 10, 2009

Friendship is complicated.

I have this friend from high school, we got reconnected on Facebook and we've hung out several times since I moved to Houston. When I found her on FB I had forgotten why we lost touch, she is so funny and we had so many great stories from high school, it was just silly that we stopped talking.

After hanging out with her a few times I remembered why I stopped hanging out with her, she's a huge pain in the ass! She complains about everything, seriously, everything! Nothing is simple with her, and frankly, it's exhausting being around her.

So, I've been avoiding saying much about my upcoming move on Facebook because I don't want her to insist we get together before I go. She doesn't have a car so I would have to pick her up and then she's try to sucker me into paying for her, you can see why I'm not excited about hanging out with her?

Today she finally caught wind of what's going on and she suggested we meet up but I bullshitted about being too busy packing and that I would try but I couldn't make any promises. I know it's shitty of me but I have to much on my plate right now to deal with a needy friend that doesn't do anything for me.

....and she talked shit about my iPhone today on FB, can you believe that? She's definitely on my shit list now. :)


Gin said...

That's why I avoid getting super-into the Facebook thing for the most part. The people that I enjoy, I still talk to. The rest of you suck (ha).
But seriously, reading people's status messages and looking at their pics satisfies my curiosity 99% of the time - I am too set in my ways and busy to have to work really hard for a friendship that has few to zero benefits. Life's too short to waste on people that suck.

Kelly said...

Oh no she didn't! Them's fightn' words. That's what annoys me about FB. If I was meant to be life-long friends with someone, I wouldn't have gone 10 years not speaking to them. So yeah, I'll read their updates, but that's about it.

(btw, I think you are hilarious!)