Thursday, August 6, 2009

So, I'm not a photographer, I get that.

A little over 8 years ago I wore this dress to my brother's wedding. Right around 7 years ago I got married and gained so much weight I couldn't even dream of wearing that dress again. Seriously, I tried it on one day and I couldn't even get the skirt over my thighs.

On Tuesday I saw my sister-in-law and she paid me a very nice compliment saying, "You are the thinnest I've ever seen you." I promptly replied, "No way, I don't even fit in the dress I wore to your wedding so I had to have been thinner then." Well, today I started packing my things to go back to Oklahoma and I was trying on clothes so I don't have to cart more shit than I need back.

At the back of the closet was the bridesmaid dress along with 2 other dresses from around the same time. First I tried on one of the other dresses, I was too scared to try on the bridesmaid dress. When my mom zipped it I was amazed! I had no idea I had gotten that small, I mean, I know how many pounds I've lost but that doesn't always make sense with my size.

After being reassured with the other dress I put on the bridesmaid dress and quickly emailed a picture of me in it to my sister-in-law. Just one more size and I'll be the size I was in high school, anything smaller than that is just icing on the cake (the cake that I won't eat).


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Congrats! You look amazing!