Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He wins, hands down.

While I was in the hospital Luis decided to do something that made him look like the best dad in the world. He does these things every so often and makes me feel like I'm a shitty mom but for some reason the kids continue to side with me on everything so, I guess I'm not doing too bad in their eyes.

Not only did Luis finish all the Christmas shopping for me but he also sat down with the kids and helped them write letters to Santa. I know to some of you this is a yearly ritual but this is the first year my kids have done this and not only did they write to Santa but Luis wrote these awesome letters back to them.

Santa's Workshop
North Pole

Dear Nicholas,

Thank-you so much for your letter! I always enjoy receiving letters and postcards from children all over the world! Mrs. Claus, the Elves, and all the Reindeer also love it when I read all the wonderful letters out-loud to them.

I just returned from taking my new sleigh on a test flight. Wow, what a ride! It zips through the air like a big red rocket. I bet I now can fly from the North Pole to yours and everyone else's house even faster this year!The reindeer like the new sleigh too. It comes with extra space so I can pack a big bag of reindeer treats. All that flying makes them especially hungry! Plus it comes with a stereo so I can listen to all my CD's.

The reindeer, especially Rudolph, insisted I tell you that they are all looking forward to landing on your roof soon. Do me a favor and be sure to leave some carrots for them (reindeer love carrots).

Thanks a bunch. I'll see you soon. Until then, be sure to behave, and go to sleep early on Christmas Eve.


Dear Sophia,

I have finished reading your letter. It was very nice! I know being good while you
are two is rough, you have done a good job. I hear that it has been cold there at
Fort Sill. You did not ask for any socks to help keep you warm though. So I guess
the Barbie and Bratz you want are pretty cool.

Continue to be a good girl for your mom and dad until Christmas. When I come with all my goodies I will make sure to leave something very nice for you. If you could try and remember that I like cookies and milk. Be sure to go to bed early on Christmas night so that morning will come faster.


Santa Claus

Aren't those the best? He went online for ideas of what to write. The kids are going to be so excited to get those letters back, I can't wait to read it to them.


Anonymous said...

How cute! And what a good idea!

Malskey said...

That is so sweet!!! Love it!

Glad you are doing good after your surgery!! XOXO

Tara R. said...

What a great surprise for your kids! This is a great idea. Hope your recovery is still going good.

Jennifer said...

OMG!! that is awesome. i think i'm going to be a total copy cat and have my kids write letters tonight and then do the same thing... write them back. unless Luis can help out... he did a kick ass job!!

way to go Dad!!


Here It Comes said...

Uh yeah. We didn't even take the kids to see Santa this year. Oh wait, I take that back. There was a Santa at Emmi's holiday party. Jill was really confused, because Santa was signing. Uhhhh maybe because we were at the Deaf Co-Op Holiday Party? She wanted to know when we would take her to see the "Santa that speaks." I told her next year.