Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just call me Flex Luther.

One of the great things about me losing weight is that it has inspired my husband to take better care of himself. It's cool because I never complained about my husband's weight, I didn't marry him for his looks (mind you, I do find him quite attractive, that's just not why I married him).

He's always enjoyed working out and lifting weights but when I started running he started really focusing on getting fit. A great by product to working out is bigger muscles and man, have his gotten bigger! He's always been strong but now he's cut and that is totally awesome for me because it's sexy as hell.

Of course, it's great motivation for me to stick with running because I want to look good when I stand next to him. We have a lot of fitness goals we want to meet this next year and it's really awesome that it's something we can work toward together.

Do you have any fitness goals this next year? Will your spouse or kids join you to meet your goal?


Anonymous said...

I have a fitness goal. Ummm, something something fit, something something lose weight... something something.

Gin said...

I have gained a pretty good chunk of weight in the 5 years that we’ve been married, probably 30ish lbs (and in the 8 yrs John and I have been together, maybe 50 – but dude, I was 19 when we met, and my metabolism is WAY different). I wish I was the same size I was when we got engaged – a size 9 or 10 would be nice, to still have some tits and ass. I’m very, very seriously considering starting to work with a trainer after the first of the year. If I get knocked up next year, by the time all that is finished, it will be even harder to get the weight off, so I feel like if I’m going to get off my ass and do something about it (my ass, ha), then now is the time. He loves the boobs though, so I may be a little bit sad to lose those.

Malskey said...

BOO!!!... I have crawled out from under my rock... how are you?? You look great... but you looked great before too... so I am at a loss for all the great ways you can look amazing!!! LOVES YOU!! Just though I would stop by and say HIII!!

Allie said...

Jill, yeah something, something shut the fuck up!

Gin, I feel on the boobs front, the saddest part of weight loss is my tiny boobies. Hubby is going to buy me some eventually though, you know, when we quit having to buy surgeries for our dog.

Mallory!!!! You're back!!! So, so happy to hear from you again. I might be heading your way next month to do a race in Edmond, at least I think its in Edmond? At any rate, I'm doing a race in Edmond at some point in the next 6 months. LOL