Sunday, June 28, 2009

You're saved!!!

This weekend was awesome and sucked all at the same time.

Saturday I had to work late, like later than usual because we're under construction right now and we had to take care of some stuff before the workers could come in. We were supposed to get off work at 5 pm and then I was heading to the beach for a party for my dad's company. We had some major complications and ended up staying an hour later so we could get everything squared away.

So, I left for the beach a little later than expected but I made up for it right away. I had a buzz going about an hour after we arrived and by midnight I was downright shitfaced. It was at this point that some people asked if I wanted to go swimming and talked me into getting down to my undies and relaxing in the pitch black ocean. It really was pretty awesome floating on your back and staring up at the stars like that.

Meredith thought it was so funny that she got out her phone to take a picture to send to Luis and that was when it cell phone fell in the water!!!! She picked it up right away and everything seemed fine...until the screen went white and all the little lines started going across it.

I turned it off and passed out for the night hoping I would wake up and find it had all been a bad dream, it didn't happen. I woke up remembering that I had to work on a Sunday and my dumb, drunk ass killed my phone because I was too stupid to leave it at the beach house.

So, I got up with every intention of heading to the Apple store to see if they could fix it but then realized it was Sunday and everyone and their mother would be at the Apple store. So, I decided to wait till Monday and just use Meredith's old Blackberry for the time being. I went to work feeling awfully sad about my poor dead phone and growing increasingly annoyed with the Blackberrry I didn't know how to work.

We took care of the stuff we needed to at work, got out of there on time and I headed home to start researching ways to possibly save my precious iPhone. After reading a lot of stories from people (you'd be surprised how many people drop their phones in toilets) I decided that I needed to figure out how to get my phone on, I had tried turning it back on but it wouldn't respond. With a stroke of genius I decided to plug it into the charger and bam! it turned on.

I practically cried I was so happy, so everything ended okay but my weekend definitely had its sucky moments.


I am Trish Marie said...

At least you didn't drop in a toilet...ew.

Sorry your weekend sucked. Mine didn't. Well, sort of. I found the house I want, and I can't have it because we haven't even put ours up for sale yet. Stupid house. I knew I shouldn't be looking right now.

Allie said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better Trish, Luis and I still don't even know where we want to live, as in what city? state? country? continent?...of course, we have about 8 years to make up our minds.