Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mind your own freakin' business!

Apparently, my father has told my mother that he is concerned about me. He seems to think there is something wrong with me going out and having a good time.

He thinks that because I'm married I shouldn't go out with my single friends, like apparently when married people are around single people they become cheaters??? I'm not really sure.

The whole thing really ticks me off because he has no right to think that about me and honestly, it's none of his business. I'm not a cheater, I never will be, end of story! If he did his job as a parent then he would know that I would never do that.

Things are really great between Luis and I right now and I want to keep them that way, part of keeping things good is not having sex with other people. It's the strangest thing. Just because I go out with a few single people doesn't mean I'm trying to pick up guys. I always wear my wedding ring and I talk about my husband often. There is no confusion when I meet someone at a bar that I'm taken, it really pisses me off that he would doubt me.


Tara R. said...

I got out with my co-workers without Hubs. Some of us are married, some aren't. We have fun and can still stay faithful to our spouses. It is possible.

if you and Luis are good with it, have fun and enjoy your nights out!

I am Trish Marie said...

Back when I was single, my friend's husband used to get upset if she would come hang out with me. Like single was contagious.

But if it makes your dad feel better, we could get together...I mean I am practially married and I have two kids.

Allie said...

Ummmm yeah Trish, but I know you've been so busy with Emmi that I haven't wanted to bother you. So, I guess I'll just start bothering you...LOL.