Thursday, June 25, 2009

Psycho Mommy

Today I went a little crazy on my kids. I'm so sick of having to spend my day off work cleaning their shit from all over the house. They're 3 and 5, they should be able to take their shit back to their, I threw everything away that was out of their rooms.

Now, before you go thinking that I was a little harsh, I warned them yesterday if they didn't start cleaning up after themselves I was going to get rid of their toys. This isn't a new thing I started doing, I do this about every six months or so. They accumulate so much thanks to McDonald's kid's meals and such that they have a whole crap load of tiny cheap toys and they need to be wiped out every so often.

I also flipped my shit today because my daughter seems to think every morning is a fashion show and she needs to try on 6 outfits and then leave them all on the floor. I went off!!! Today is just not a good day to cross me.

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