Friday, June 19, 2009

That girl is a runnin' fool!

When I first moved to Houston I set this ridiculous goal with my cousin: I'm going to run a half marathon in November, it's a little crazy. When I set the goal I hadn't run over a mile since before Luis and I got married (7 years).

We started slow and set some small goals, one of those goals was to run a 5K. We did that on May 30 and it was awesome. It felt so great to go out there and run with a bunch of people and not feel like an impostor. I was a runner!

Our team photo after the 5K.

I enjoyed that 5K so much that the following weekend I was off work so I decided to run another one. I improved my time by over a minute and that felt awesome. So we set another small goal, run 10K by July 26. We're on track right now and I feel great, I'm surprised by the fact that I'm not hurting. I thought running at my weight was risky but turns out I was built for this, my knees are fine and the weight is practically falling off me, bonus!

Things are going so good that I'm starting to get really anxious about the 1/2 marathon in November. I made my hotel reservations already (it's in San Antonio) and I'm going to register as soon as my boss confirms my vacation but I'm so freakin' excited I can't wait! It's so weird though, I've never gotten this excited over something like this, I mean, it's hard work but I really enjoy it. I always wondered how people could just run but now I get it, it makes you feel so good, you can just zone out and totally de-stress.

So, be expecting some running related crap on here as I get closer to the marathon and come November you will definitely be getting some finish line pics on here.


Gin said...

That's awesome - go, Allie!

I am Trish Marie said...


And I love running. I actually don't think I am all that great at it (have you seen how slow I walk, imagine me running!), but I try to run a few miles every day. It makes me grouchy when I don't, because running is my alone time. It is the only time I am completely quiet and with my own thoughts.