Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year to you too.

Well, I'm back home, I got here on Friday after spending almost a week in Houston and few days in Fort Hood visiting J and family. All in all I had a really nice Christmas, Luis and I both got to see our best friends and Nicholas and Sophia got to see Princess. Houston was nice too, I got to go out to dinner with Kenny and Trish and I rang in the new year with my brothers and friends.

My mom ended up coming back to Fort Sill with us to spend the week so I'll probably still be scarce for awhile. I'm also going to be working on rearranging some things here at the house, the new year always makes me want to change things up.

Speaking of the new year, I wanted to share my resolution with you all: this year I want to be more active. I've been feeling super lazy and if I could just move around more I know it would help. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully I will get the okay to start working out. I haven't lost anymore weight but they say that it is fairly normal to not lose weight until I get my first fill, which is still 4 weeks away (unless my doctor changes his mind tomorrow). So, basically I could really use the workouts until I get filled so I can start losing weight again. I'm shooting for working out 3 days a week and then I'd like to move up to 5 days a week and my long term goal is to be running by 2010.

Wish me luck!


Tara R. said...

Good to see you back. Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas. The resolution sounds like a winner too. Running? That is awesome!

zakary said...

Happy New Year!

Glad you are back. And I'm jealous that you got to have dinner with Kenny and Trish!

Huckdoll said...

I have MISSED you and your blog!!


Happy '09 sweetie!

Jennifer said...

happy new year!!! :)

i'm glad you got to see J and family and that your famiy got to hang out and enjoy the company of one another. :) I also hope you are enjoying your mothers visit.

the resolution sounds awesome. i want to work out some and loose some weight, but i'm like a big kid, if i talk about it or put pressure on myself then I do worse. so i'm not talking about it. lol

what does "fill" mean. i'm confused. it is probably self explanitory and I'm just missing it... but I had to ask. lol

i'm glad you are back and I hope to see more of you when your mom's visit is over.


Anonymous said...



Allie said...

Mere, I'm sorry I will dedicate an entire post to how much fun we had and my party eyelashes.

Jenn, when they put my band in they didn't fill it yet, when the fill it with saline that is what gives you the restriction. Right now all the swelling is gone so I basically have no restriction (hence me not losing anymore weight). In 4 weeks my doctor will do my first fill and that will give me some restriction, filling your lap band is a balancing act, some people need more and some need less. I'll probably have anywhere between 5 and 8 fills in the first year to try and achieve ideal weight loss (1-2 pounds a week). Hope that answers your question.

Jennifer said...

hey girl! just stopped in to say hi. thanks for answering my question... i gotcha now. i had no idea it was something that was filled and balanced out like that... but it sounds like a good way to monitor everything and gaurantee you good weight loss that you will be able to maintain and keep off.

I hope you are feeling good and enjoying the beginning of the new year... and also the visit with your mom. :)

have a good one!!