Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get off your high horse.

I had a conversation with my mother this morning and we started talking about me when I was younger. One of my aunts is having problems with her daughter doing drugs and such and my mom has decided to give her advice because she seems to think she is a fountain of knowledge.

My aunt apparently told my mother that I used to get high everyday in high school, this is a complete lie. So, my mother called me asking if it was true, of course I told her it was not. I did however make sure she knew I got high all the time (never daily) in college.

My mother very smugly said, "I told her you didn't smoke weed in high school." When she does things like that it makes me want to knock her down a few notches. Just so she didn't think that she was this perfect mother (which she often does) I made sure to mention that I did have sex with several guys in high school. Am I cruel?

I just can't stand it when she tries to give advice to my aunt and says that she doesn't know what to tell her because her kids were so good. It really pisses me off because it is so not true, we were just smart and never got caught. When I was young my mom used to tell me that "it is the good kids that always get caught," I think this was her way of trying to deter me from being bad. It ended up just making me cautious and confirming that I was not a "good kid."


I am Trish Marie said...

I feel sorry for my kids. They will never be able to get away with anything, because I know all the crap I pulled. It isn't the good kids that get is the stupid ones. Just sayin'.

Tara R. said...

My kids hate hearing Hubs and me say "back in the day...." I remember too many stupid things I did when I was a kid, so I can see it coming from my kids a mile off and hopefully can cut them off before THEY do anything extremely stupid too.

Sheri said...

Yeah, it's the dumb ones that get caught. What cracks me up is that my mom was appalled at the very few things she ever knew about. I can not imagine how appalled she would be if she knew the whole truth. I wasn't that bad compared to Tricia, though. :D

J said...

I was horrible, and my mom was just stupid enough to never see it. Stupid.

Anyways. I know how you feel about your mom!

Jennifer said...

my parents try to give advice, but they do know what we did... well what we got caught doing... there were some times we got ratted out or caught... but for the most part my brothers didn't do too much it was me that was the evil child. lol
i was very sneaky and could lie, like no ones business and usually my parents bought it... ah... the things that make you proud of yourself. lol

i just know my kids better come up with some good shit when they try to tell me stories... it better at least be entertaining b/c there is NO way in hell i'm buying it... but i want to at least get a good laugh from it. :)