Monday, October 5, 2009

Sickos....and stuff.

Nicholas was sick all weekend, which totally sucked ass, and my mom was freaking out calling me every 5 minutes checking on him because she was convinced he had swine flu. He woke up Friday morning with 102 fever and basically laid in bed and ate Tylenol like candy until Sunday when he miraculously had 98.6....out of nowhere.

He was really upset that he missed his race on Saturday but he's got another one coming up on Halloween so I told him he's be alright. I did make it to my run on Saturday but I was extremely sleep deprived, you can read about it here if you want.

Due to Nicholas' illness we missed out on a get together at my neighbors place which kinda sucked. So, instead we watched recorded tv and played Halo all weekend, we're losers! Being a girl playing Halo online is always fun because I get to hear all kinds of fucked up things from people. Here are a few:

Random player: "Dude, you sound like a fag."
Me: "Hey idiot, I'm a girl."

Random player: "You're a chick? Are you hot?"
Me: "Yeah, I look like a porn star and I actually play Halo in the nude."

Random player: "Hey *AllieApple, what's your name?"
Me: "Susan."
*AllieApple is my gamer tag.

Random player: "Hey Allie, are you hot?"
Me: "No, I weigh 500 pounds and have a beard."

Random player: "Allie, you're mopping the floor with these guys."
Me: "Of course, I'm a girl, next I'm going to do the dishes."

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I am Trish Marie said...

My kids actually did have the swine flu...and that pretty much sounds like how they were. High fever, and not much else. Swine flu = a whole lot of hype and drama for a fever.