Friday, October 23, 2009

Musical Neighbors

We live on an Army base, that means neighbors come and go a lot! Right now, out of the 4 houses closest to us, 3 neighbors are moving. Sometimes it's really sad when a neighbor moves, you get to know them, you get to know their kids, their pets and it's just sad to see them go. Other times you are elated, they were crappy people and their moving day can't get here fast enough.

Yesterday I found out that one of our neighbors is moving and although I am kind of friends with this mom I'm super excited. The problem is that my kids and her kids have really taken to each other and her kids have some VERY bad habits. It's going to be hard on my kids at first but they'll meet new friends and all will be okay, hopefully this time though it will be friends that don't cuss and hit people and treat their siblings like garbage and ring our doorbell 80 times a day after we've already said Nicholas is not coming outside anymore.

So, on the one hand I'm happy these people are moving but on the other I'm sad for them. They aren't moving duty stations, they are being kicked out of the Army. It's their own fault so I'm not sad for the parents but I'm sad for the kids. They weren't planning on this and I know you are thinking, a lot of people lose their job and aren't planning on it, but these people are not only losing a job but their house as well. They have no back up (which is stupid on their part but whatever), they have 4 kids and are about to be homeless and the saddest part is that it's all happening next month, Christmas is going to suck for them.

I feel bad that I'm so glad about them moving because it's bad for their family but it's going to be good for my kids and they're my main concern. I wish the circumstances were different but they're not. I really hope they get their shit together and maybe this move will turn into something good for them. I also really hope that one of these 3 empty houses will get occupied by some kick ass neighbors, as of right now there is only us and one other couple on our street that kick ass, we need company.


Allison Talamantez said...

wow, I thought it was impossible to get kicked out of the Army....especially now.....poor folks, but maybe this is just the wake up call they need.

Aunt Becky said...

Man, that's going to suck hard. I hope that they're able to get their shit together.