Monday, October 12, 2009

Ferrero Rocher, thy name is devil candy.

When I was in college I had a Russian roommate that loved to eat all kinds of weird things :pate, caviar, lox and cream cheese bagels, just weird stuff to a normal American teenager that refused to even eat onions.

One day she brought home some Ferrero Rocher chocolates and I thought, finally, something we can actually eat together. But I didn't know it was hazelnut chocolate, I HATE hazelnuts!!! I tried one and spit it out saying it was the worst thing to happen to chocolate....ever!

For my birthday that year, I'm not sure why, she decided to get me a big box of Ferrero Rochers. When I reminded her that I hated them she said, "Oh, I forgot, I guess I'll just eat them." How nice of her.

That was years ago but a couple of weeks back I decided that I wanted some chocolates, good chocolate too not waxy Hershey's or anything but I didn't want to spend a ton of money on Godiva's either. I saw that Ferrero now makes Rondoir chocolates and that is pretty much just chocolate, they also make Garden coconut candies; I wanted to try them both but I didn't want to have to get a big box of both so instead I bought a variety pack. The problem with this was that it had the Rochers in it also and I hate Rocher, remember?

I figured, to hell with it, I would buy the pack anyway and I could just give the Rochers to someone. Before I could give them away though I decided to try them one more time, OMG!!! These are soooooooo good! So good that the next time I bought a box of just the Rochers, you heard me right, I bought another box. In fact, I bought another one after that too.

I don't know how I'm supposed to lose weight with these things existing, they are seriously my new favorite candy. I can't believe I used to hate these, what was wrong with me? They really are devil candy, I can't stop thinking about them. I kind of wish I had never tried them again and just went along thinking they were crap, instead I entered the sweepstakes to win a case of them here. You should too, these suckers are hella good!


I am Trish Marie said...

Bleh. I don't like those. Now let's talk about that cake at Fazzoli's. You heard me. The drive through Italian place. Best chocolate cake ever.

HoustonGurly said...

I love Ferrero Rochers! They have so many layers of just plain good yumminess. During the Christmas holiday, Sam's sells huge boxes of them for super cheap! :)

Bubblesworth said...

I am sickly addicted to the hazlenuts ones too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looooooooove Ferrer Rocher. Everytime the commercial comes on my ass gets wider.

Tara R. said...

One of my all time favorite chocolates, and I love hazel nuts.

Huckdoll said...

Weird ... it's funny how tastes change like that. I used to love Ferrero Rocher, now I can't stomach them, same with sushi. It practically happened overnight.