Thursday, February 19, 2009

Damn, cost of living.

One major drawback to living in Houston is that everything is more expensive, like way more expensive. I've been filling out paperwork to get my kids in school next year and since Sophia is only 3 I'm going to have to pay for preschool. When I found out how much preschool was going to cost at the school we are sending Nicholas to I about shit a brick.

So, I started looking at other schools and you know what? They are just the same. I could send both of my kids to full day private school here for the same price to send Sophia to full day preschool in Houston.

All I have to say is I better get a good paying job because I'm not going to be able to afford to do anything but take my kids to school. Why can't money just fall out of the sky, huh?


Philly said...

And just think, college is just around the corner.


Tara R. said...

That's one of the biggest reasons I stayed home with my two until they started public school. Kids! so high maintenance.

Allie said...

Philly, I know, college is so expensive.
Tara, my plan was to do the same but being home with the kids all day has made me a little wacko so it looks like I'll be getting back to work a little sooner.

Jennifer said...

in NY the prices are totally ridiculous too... it is unreal how much they want for pre-school. thankfully now our public school district has pre-school offered so it is free... other wise my girls wouldn't be going...

good luck with it all.