Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate that bitch, Mother Nature!

I hate bleeding once a month, it's bullshit! As if bleeding isn't bad enough, my hormones go all crazy on me. I hate, hate, hate my period!

I don't want anymore kids, two is enough, two is all we can afford so now my period seems like a total waste to me. I don't give a crap about my fertility, I just want to be done with this crap.

Every month I seem to get into a stupid fight with my husband due to my period, yesterday morning he was trying to help me and I got all overly sensitive and freaked out on him. Of course, he got pissed because he was trying to be helpful and I bitched at him but I wish he could understand. It must be so annoying for guys because they really have no clue how we are feeling or what we go through.

I don't understand why guys don't get emotional like we do, it seems really unfair and when things aren't fair I pout like a baby.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe you blogged about your period, get over it already, whats worse is i just wasted 3 seconds of my life reading it. Stop using your period as an excuse to be a bitch.

Allie said...

I'm sorry I'm not a bitch for no reason like you Anon. If you don't want to read about it just move right along, I could really give a shit. At least I'm not a total pussy and sign my name to my comments.

ZDub said...

My husband tells me that all the time..."Stop using your period to be such a bitch.."

I think the Anon was my husband.

Mystery solved!

Allie said...

Z, the funny thing is I rarely use my period as an excuse, I'm not an emotional mess everytime I get my period, just occasionally and this is one of those times.

Can't I whine on my own blog?

Kelly said...

Allie- I totally get it. I go through the same thing (except right now I REALLY need to keep getting my period every month). I turn into a psycho. Husband tries to understand, but he just can't.

Anonymous- Seriously? I think it's funny that you feel like you wasted your time reading, but have no problem wasting time to write a mean comment.

Anonymous said...

I never get bitchy anonymous comments. LUCKY! Maybe Anon is on her period too.