Saturday, July 10, 2010

Easy like Saturday morning???

I love the weekends, mostly because I get to sleep super late. A lot of you don't know just how lazy I am, I know some people think 'but you're a runner, how lazy can you really be?' Well, the truth is that I am the laziest person I know, especially on Saturday mornings.

My husband and I have this thing that goes on between us on Saturday mornings, he wakes up early and I stay in bed, it's great. Well, eventually I wake up but I'm too cold to get out from under the covers (which is totally his fault for making me keep the AC on 63). Anywho, he comes in and asks if I'm going to ever get up and I tell him I will just as soon as he turns off the fan. Now he usually eventually turns off the fan and then I still lay there under my snuggly blankets until he calls the kids in the room to tickle me and drag me out of bed.

Well, one morning I called him in the room and he wouldn't come to turn off the fan so I called his cell phone to get him to run in the room. Ever since he's been real hesitant to come in the room when I call him. This morning we used Sophia shuttling the phone back and forth and the Notes app to have this conversation.

Me: I need you, please come here!!!!
Him: Why, I don't trust you?
Me: Why not??? I would never ask you if I didn't really need you.
Him: Yes, but we are in disagreement over what "need" is.
Me: But my favorite part of Saturday morning is seeing your handsome face.
Him: I need food, I am going to die.
Me: But my fan is on!!!!!!

You guys, he came in the room and turned my fan off. Best husband evah!!!!!


Gin said...

Aw, he wuvs you!

Yesterday, John worked like 14 hours, didn't get home till almost 10 last night. When he called to tell me he was on the way home, I got out some leftovers to warm up for him, and poured him a glass of tea. He walked in the back door, and was all, "Why are you being so nice? Did you spend a lot of money today or something???" And then later, he found where I'd bought him The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Superbad (on sale!) and wrapped them and put them under his pillow as a surprise, and he was all, "SERIOUSLY. WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Like, dude, I can't just love you and want to do nice things?

(However, I *did* spend more yesterday than I should have, but that was NOT why I was sucking up.)

Anonymous said...

Actually, that canister of icing is stiff consistency icing that I used to secure the cake to the board. I made the white and blue icing used for the cake. :)