Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Really Annoyed!!!!

So, a few weeks back my husband sold some stuff on eBay, now we've sold stuff before on eBay and never had a problem but this time was different.

We got our money via pay pal and shipped out the item the following day. A week and a half goes by and still we have no feedback so my husband emailed the guy and asked about the item. At that point the guy decides to say that he has not received the item and he really needs it. I asked him to give it a few more days and in response I got an email asking me to refund him the money and that he would send the item back to me IF it ever showed up in the mail.

I very nicely responded saying that was not something I was considering at the moment and I would look into the situation. I mean, I mailed the item along with 6 other items and all the others were received.

I spent most of the afternoon looking into ways to resolve this and then I decided to check this guy's feedback that he has left for others, genius, right? Apparently, he's a scammer, he has had 9 other auctions that he has "not received the item" and been refunded his money.

So, he filed a complaint with pay pal and opened an investigation or whatever it is they call it and basically I have to have delivery confirmation documentation (which I don't have) or I'm going to have to refund this guy the money. And the worst part is that I know this guy received it and he's going to keep the $100 item with no penalties. It makes me furious.

The worst part is that there is nothing I can do and it totally sucks. I'll tell you what though, I'll always be getting delivery confirmation from now on. Lesson learned.


Gin said...

That totally sucks. People are assholes.

Tara R. said...


Anonymous said...

What an asshole!