Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I Love Google Reader

I was a little late getting on the Google Reader bandwagon, I've had a blog and been reading blogs for over 2 years now and in December I finally tried the reader. J has been using Google Reader for a looooong time and her biggest problem has always been that once you start using the reader you will stop commenting as much. I can definitely see how that could be possible so I didn't ever want to try it. I pride myself on my comments, I love getting comments and so I like to leave comments because if I like them then I'm sure you do too. Seems like sound logic.

So, I was hesitant to get it for several years but then I changed my email to gmail and there was this nifty little button I could get on my homepage and it said "Google Reader" and I thought it would look nice next to my nifty little Twitter button so I decided to try it out.

Sweet mother of God, I love Google Reader! I actually get everyone's blogs read in a decent amount of time, I also don't lose blogs because I didn't have time to check them out before you talkative little people decided to write another post. Before I was struggling to get everyone's blogs read and now that I've added my other blog I have a lot of new running blogs to read too, I was a little overwhelmed with it all. Now that I finally got with the times I can feasibly add probably 20 more blogs and still keep up. Maybe I comment less now but I read more so I think it all evens out in the end.

So, thanks, Google Reader, for allowing me to read more blogs and put off all the things I should be doing, you're a champ!


Tara R. said...

I felt the same way before jumping on a Reader. It has made reading and connecting so much easier. Welcome aboad!

Bubblesworth said...

I still can't get on the bandwagon. I haven't tried it yet and I am avoiding it for the same reasons you originally were. Now I don't know.... Dammit!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - how on Earth did you live without it for so long? I LOVE IT! It keeps everything in one place!

Christina said...

I too like google reader and don't like that I can't comment. I also have so many blogs I follow I can't get to them all. Over the weekend I took all my running blogs and put them into folders in Google Reader spliting them up into 4 weeks. This way I will focus on one set of Blogs that week and get over to comment on those. The other blogs I can still read but I won't stress about getting over to comment.